Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Some may doubt the Grand Synergism betwixt Metal and D&D...
But I would call them fools.

No, seriously:
Fuckin' Warp Riders

Monday, March 14, 2011

Madness and Other Perils

Quex is a spherical cluster of stone spires orbiting the planet Gugg. It's spires radiate outward from a central point, most of the spires are hollow.
An eerie glow emanates from deep within the Quex cluster; this strange, pulsating radiance is produced by a mold-like growth that fills much of Quex's interior and its glow induces madness. Other hazards include the acidic, black Quex Mists, and the mysterious, Greasy Vapours that constitute much of its atmosphere.
Many legends tell of what might be found on Quex; great treasures lost by ancient space-faring empires and terrible beasts driven to madness by its gloomy emanations.

Quest on Quex is meant to be a repository of strange musings and arcane imaginings. It'll be the first time any of our adventure and campaign ideas get put up for people to see; and a venue for us to discuss thoughts on various nerdling arcana or whatever else we think is appropriate for public digesting...